Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recover Deleted Files

recover deleted files

Recover Deleted Files using Undelete Software

If you deleted an important document file, you may get it back from "Recycle Bin", but if you empty the Recycle Bin, or use "SHIFT" and "DELETE" keys on deleting the file, or file is deleted in some applications or by virus, you cannot find it in the "Recycle Bin", but you still have chance to get it back.

When a file is deleted, it is not actually wiped completely. It is just removed from the file list of the directory, or marked as "deleted" by the operation system, but usually, the file content is still present on the disk, until new data is written to the same disk location.

First, after you realize you deleted an important file by mistake, before you get it back, stop writing anything to the same disk, and do as little operation on your computer as possible. This is because any data written to the drive could potentially be put onto the space that was holding the data you hope to recover, and make the deleted file unrecoverable.

The undelete software you need to recover deleted files is called "undelete" software. There are many undelete softwares in the market, you may perform a quick search in Search engine


Undelete can recover files deleted before Undelete was installed, in case they have not been overwritten. Plus you can recreate the original folders which makes reorganizing your restored files a snap.


R-Undelete is a powerful and cost-effective undelete software. Empowered by the new
unique data recovery technologies, it is the most cost-effective data recovery solution to recover deleted files from
FAT, and NTFS5 logical disks. Flexible parameter settings give you absolute control over data recovery.


WinUndelete is an undelete software for Windows platform. It can recover deleted files from hard drive, USB flash drive, digital camera card, and more. WinUndelete recovers deleted files after emptying the Recycle Bin, or using other delete operations that bypass the Recycle Bin.

Once you have chosen an undelete software, it will scan your hard drive or disk for your deleted file or files. After the scan is complete, the undelete softwares will list all the found files from your disk, then you navigate through the folders and find and pick up the files you need, and highlight or right click on the items to recover them. Please note, do not save the recovered files to the same drive containing your deleted files. A different disk partition, external drive, or flash drive is a good choice to save the recovered files.

For Windows users, there are two popular file systems (FAT and NTFS), most undelete software supports both file systems.